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Tips to Select a Perfect Persuasive Speech Topics For Essay 2022

Writing in persuasive speech is a skill that only a few people possess. This is because it is very difficult to convince someone to agree with your point of view to follow your advice, using just your words in written format.

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Tips to Select a Perfect Persuasive Speech Topics For Essay 2022
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In the article, we will look at some of the good persuasive speech topics, what persuasive speech actually is, its importance, and how you can select good persuasive speech topics for your essay.

What is Persuasive Speech?

It is a speech that is spoken with the motive of convincing the listeners on the speaker’s argument, advice, suggestion, or point of view.

Persuasive is one of the most commonly utilized types of speech and writing techniques. It has been utilized since the evolution of mankind. It is an inherent need for human beings to convey their ideas and point of view to other beings and for this purpose, a persuasive speech has been utilized by people all around the world in every language.

It can be better understood with an example: If you have ever been in an argument or a debate where you are explaining your point of view or speaking about one particular side in a debate, you are using persuasive speech. It is because, in any argument or debate, your sole motive is to get the listener to agree to what you’re saying.

In other words, you are trying to persuade them.

A persuasive speech can be of three types depending upon the nature of the topic or point being conveyed by the speaker or author in order to convince the audience. The three types of persuasive speech are:

Factual Persuasive Speech: Speech that involves convincing the listeners about any fact-based information is called Factual Persuasive Speech. It can be used in the form of an argument or debate or a casual discussion where one person may try to convince the other person by telling them why particular information is true or false.

Factual persuasion is always supported with the help of evidence or counter argument in order to prove that something is true or not. For example, trying to convince someone about the 9/11 tragedy with the help of facts and real evidence is a form of factual persuasive speech.

Value Persuasive Speech: Value persuasive speech is any discussion related to the value of something. It involves convincing someone whether a particular topic of discussion may be right or wrong. It can be a topic that is open to interpretation and is a matter of opinion. Value persuasive speech is used when settling arguments or discussions involving the difference of opinion on any subject matter.

For example, there are various people who are against the act of capital punishment because it is immoral. A discussion, speech, or argument between two people where one person defends the issue and the other supports it, would be categorized as value persuasive speech because it is a matter of morals and opinions.

Policy Persuasive Speech: Policy persuasive speech is related to any policy, or agenda being discussed between two or more people. It can involve any argument, speech, or text where the main subject matter is the policy, rule, law, guideline, electoral candidate, etc.

For example, Any discussion or speech which is made with the motive of convincing someone to not dive in a pool, or to vote for a particular political candidate, or to sign a petition will be categorized as persuasive policy speech.

Why do you need to learn persuasive speech?

First of all, persuasive speech is not something you learn, it is something you develop and with time get better at. Trying to learn persuasive speech is like trying to learn running, you already know to run, you just have to practice enough to get better at it so that you can leave everyone behind!

As mentioned above, persuasive speech is one of the common forms of writing. This is because in every field you can imagine, you will be required to convince people and persuade them for different things. No matter what job you do, or what major you choose, if it involves interacting with other human beings, then you need to have good persuasive skills.

There are some professions and activities where writing in a persuasive speech in absolutely crucial to the job. Jobs like advertising, copywriting, motivational speaking, sales, attorney of law, teachers, customer support, public speaking, and writing, all of them are highly dependent on persuasive speech and the skill of convincing and negotiating.

Writing in a persuasive speech can have an element of human psychology attached to it, as you are trying to influence the listeners’ thoughts with your words and sentences. Therefore developing the skill of persuasive speech is very important in the life of any individual and will help them in various aspects of their lives.

Selecting good Persuasive speech topics for writing

Good persuasive speech topics can dictate how easily you can convince the listeners. If you choose good persuasive speech topics, then you will have an easier time finding words and evidence to support your arguments which work for your advantage.

Good persuasive speech topics are usually common knowledge. It is important that you always have more knowledge of your chosen topics than your listeners to answer their queries and doubts appropriately.

Steps Involved in selecting good persuasive speech topics.

In order to select good persuasive speech topics, you must first understand the format for the type or article you are about to write. Is it a blog, a presentation, an essay, is it formal or informal? Their key aspects play an important role in identifying good persuasive speech topics for you to write. Once you have identified your format of writing, you can then proceed to select and shortlist some good persuasive speech topics. Below are the steps which you must consider while selecting good persuasive speech topics.

1. Understand your motive

It is important to understand what you’re actually trying to achieve through your speech. Whether your motive is to educate, debate, convince or even aggravate, only after knowing what you are supposed to do can you choose good persuasive speech topics.

2. Find your interest

It is crucial that you pick a topic that falls in your interest, this will make you more passionate about writing the article, and it will help you find the right words and information to make a suitable persuasive article. So always, choose which field interests you, so that you can identify good persuasive speech topics to write a well-made speech or article.

3. Evaluate the Audience

You can never write a convincing article if you do not consider your specific audience. As mentioned above that persuasive speech involves some concepts of human psychology thus, it is important that you understand the psychological factors that can come into play when the audience reads your persuasive writing.

Therefore it is important to consider how your audience thinks about the findings of good persuasive speech topics.

4. Make a List

It is always best to pick out a few good persuasive speech topics instead of picking out a topic that seems best to you. Try to identify at least 4 to 5 topics that seem appropriate to you, and then analyze them to find out which is best suited for your particular writing format.

5. Consider the Research

No matter what kind of article or writing style you are using, doing preliminary research before writing is absolutely necessary. It fills the gap between what you understand and what you need to formulate a well-made article.

Due to these reasons, it becomes important to consider the level of research that you will have to do in order to write, to select good persuasive speech topics.

6. Pick the Most Suitable Option

Now the final step in the selection of good persuasive speech topics should be to pick out the one which best suits your specific needs, interests, and capability. Considering all of the factors mentioned above, pick out the best topic from your shortlisted topics, and then you are ready to begin writing.

Examples of good Persuasive speech topics

Even after selecting a topic, picking out the best title, which fully incorporates and complements the contents of the article is not an easy task. The title in itself is one of the most important aspects of a good persuasive speech article.

Below are some examples of good persuasive speech topics which should tell you how you can frame the title of your articles:

  1. Why you should adopt an animal from shelter instead of buying from shops?
  2. The truth behind the treatment of circus animals
  3. Is graffiti a form of art of vandalism?
  4. How does learning a musical instrument from an early age help a child?
  5. Why is therapy necessary for everyone?
  6. Are racing video games responsible for accidents among youth?
  7. Understanding veganism: Truth behind the meat and dairy industry
  8. How global warming affects you a lot more than you think?
  9. Why renting a house in Adelaide is cheaper than owning one?
  10. Why are employers paying less attention to fancy degrees and more towards skills?
  11. Should colleges process a refund for taking classes online due to COVID-19?
  12. Online warfare: How the next world war may not involve any weapons at all?
  13. Is democracy a myth in 2020?
  14. Why Alcohol and tobacco are the unregulated and most abused drugs in the 21st century?
  15. How do children who shoot to fame an early age suffer in their 20s?
  16. Should world governments incorporate bitcoins as a legal currency?
  17. Why sending expensive equipment to mars and other planets a waste of resources?
  18. Is religion a legitimate factor to be considered by the constitution?

We hope that the present article has provided you with enough information about good persuasive speech topics and you are in a position to deliver the best speech of your life.

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