Tips And Tricks To Writing Illustration Essay
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Tips And Tricks To Writing Illustration Essay

Tips And Tricks To Writing Illustration Essay

An illustration essay is the first step in writing a future thesis and is practiced as a practical exercise by the students. Illustration essay papers allow the students to demonstrate their research skills and learn to use their fresh ideas in supportive arguments. It helps the students to learn new ways to search and assemble appropriate information into their writing. Researching and putting ideas together in writing are the basic tasks that students need to indulge in college. The present content will help you with a few tips to develop a high-quality illustration essay that will help you achieve higher grades in college.

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Tips And Tricks To Writing Illustration Essay
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What is an Illustration Essay?

An illustration essay, also known as an exemplification paper, is referred to as information writing that aims to establish that a thing exists and behaves in a certain manner. This means that the writer is supposed to include empirical information and their definition to establish an argument. Illustration essay does not introduce or prove a new theory or solution; however, it is just the summary of past experiences, which is used as examples to clarify the issue. The examples help in writing a strong illustration essay.

A writer only needs to explain the topic idea through supporting facts instead of focusing on new discoveries. The facts and chain of examples help the readers imagine the situation and form an important part of the illustration essay. One should use experiences, people, and situations to make the issue look more real.

Steps to Write Illustration Essay

Step 1: Choose a topic idea. The best way to choose a topic is to think about the personal issue and identify the main object in the issue to write an illustration essay on it. You can also choose from the list of illustration essay ideas given below.

Step 2: Carry out research. Even though you are well aware of the chosen topic, still conduct research into the latest news and facts on the topic. New materials can help you collect updated information on the issue or may even change your perspective.

Step 3: Write an Outline: write down the main points to include in the essay along with many real-life examples, then choose the best example to illustrate on. The essay will be illustrated in three sections such as introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Step 4: Create the Content. Develop the outline into an illustration essay by summarizing and expanding the points. One should start with a strong thesis statement and then explain the chosen example in different paragraphs. The essay should conclude by summing up the idea from body paragraphs and restating the thesis again.

Step 5: Proofread. Avoid submitting an illustration essay that is not edited and checked for plagiarism and grammar. Your idea is important; however, poor grammar and spelling may obstruct you from demonstrating your idea clearly.

Step 6: Final check. Read the final paper again before submitting it and make sure it is interesting and attracts the reader’s attention.

How to Find Evidence for Your Illustration Essay?

Evidence and information play an important role when writing an illustration essay. Sometimes lack of information or even information overdose can make it difficult for the writer to state the argument effectively. One way to write a good-quality illustration essay is to look for accurate and reliable sources for ideas and evidence.

The most reliable and wide source for generating ideas on a topic is through online media. Read current articles on the ways to write creative essays, find different quotations in books, check out social media accounts of celebrities, friends, and influencers. Inspiration to write an illustration essay can also come from everyday life experiences such as from an interaction with someone and external circumstances in markets or a mall. The only thing one needs to do is to be attentive during these situations to understand what is happening around them.

The format of the research does not matter in an illustration essay; however, one only needs to research different sources and gather more diverse examples. One can use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit to search for ideas and information to include in the illustration essay. Social media can help search news feeds, trend ideas, watch videos, and generate new ideas. Online newspapers, articles, magazines, and books also help in collecting new ideas for the essay.

Tips to Write an Illustration Essay

Gather Evidence
The number of pieces of evidence to collect for the illustration essay directly relates to the length of your essay. However, you should focus on collecting more evidence than required for the essay. When you have more evidence, you can choose the most interesting and intriguing ideas for the illustration essay that can create strong arguments.

Keep it brief
In case the length of the illustration essay is not stated, then try to keep it short and not more than three pages long. Avoid including all ideas that you gather in your illustration essay and make it confusing. Choose the strongest and most accurate illustrative evidence in your writing.

Use Precise Examples
Always try to explain your ideas in a specific, straightforward forward, and vivid manner because readers usually do not have time to understand your symbolism. A clear idea helps in making a positive impression on the reader and generates an emotional response in them. The best way to be precise in writing your idea is to use your own experience and target it towards your audience.

Basic Structure for Your Illustration Essay

An illustration essay is divided into three parts, an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Each has its own tone and significance in the essay.

The introduction section is a part where the idea needs to be presented or introduced to the reader. This can start with introducing a concept related to your topic and move to summarize the main idea of the topic in one sentence. The introduction is the starting point of the evidence that you will discuss in the body section, and thus this part should be catchy. You can use options like an inspirational quote, interesting facts, statistics, and real-life situations to state the topic’s significance. Such illustrations will catch the attention of the readers.

Body paragraphs are a section where you need to illustrate your collected evidence. In this section, you should expand on the illustrations or points introduced in the previous section. Each paragraph of the body section should include the following components:

  1. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence, which acts as the main supportive argument of the paragraph.
  2. Then move with a background sentence that includes up to three illustrations to support the argument.
  3. The third component is to include a research sentence that explains the illustrations in detail by paraphrasing different pieces of evidence used.
  4. The fourth component includes analyzing the collected evidence and relating it to the topic and thesis statement.
  5. The paragraph should end with the concluding sentence that summarizes the findings from the evidence and illustrations.

The conclusion section is the last paragraph that reiterates the idea from the body paragraph and summarizes the main points. The concluding section usually avoids adding any new information and has the objective to assemble ideas stated before. This paragraph helps in giving the last impression of your work.

Create you Illustration Essay Outline Like an Expert

Topics of an illustration essay define structural tones such as examples, logical connections, and others. In case you have an issue in making an outline, you can use the below template as an example to make a precise and clear outline for the essay.

Essay topic: How to Choose a college.

Introduction: the choice of a good college directly impacts the career of a person in the future. One can invest in their career success by choosing a good quality educational institution.

Paragraph one: Pay attention to your academic goals.

Example 1: it helps in choosing a list of educational institutions that relates to their academic goals.

Example 2: defining academic goals is the first step to achieving a successful career.

Paragraph two: Search recommendations from related persons.

Example 1: seniors who have passed out from college know very well about the pros and cons of their college.

Example 2: present students and teachers can give better and real insight about the college.

Paragraph three: Attend an education fair.

Example 1: Allow to interact with college administrative staff personally and emerge in personal experiences.

Example 2: avoid relying on brochures and online rankings because there are various versions of the truth.

Conclusion: Choosing the best college to meet your academic goals is not easy and requires various careful considerations. However, you can choose the best college by focusing on important points when making a list of colleges to choose from.

25 Illustration Essay Topics That You Can Choose From

Choosing a great topic is the most integral part of an illustration essay. The topic should be from your personal experience, current issues, and interesting facts. Recent and relevant topics help in collecting strong evidence easily.


  1. Types of challenges faced by students throughout their educational journey
  2. Ways to stay connected with your friends after the completion of your course.
  3. Explore the specific trends seen in college today.
  4. Develop ideas on the way to plan your educational expenses.
  5. Ways to adjust to a new college environment


  1. Research on ways to prepare for a football game, including potential challenges and struggles faced by players.
  2. State the way Rugby differs from other sports in the USA.
  3. Describe the ways or activities to prepare for your first game tournament.
  4. What is the feeling of a professional player on standby?
  5. What are the rules to follow while swimming?


  1. Illustrate the tips to prepare for a job interview in New York.
  2. Describe an ordinary day of a waitress or an accountant.
  3. Ways in which you can turn your passion into your profession.
  4. How to choose the most appropriate performance for yourself?
  5. Should someone take teaching as their profession?


  1. What are the impacts of the latest generation gadgets on the development of children?
  2. Prove that climate change is having a negative impact on the people.
  3. What are the ways societies can help the homeless in their locality?
  4. Explain the way environmental condition has an impact on the personal decision-making strategies of a person.
  5. Impact of good family life on children’s development.

Academic life

  1. What is the effect of delay on the academic performance of American students?
  2. Importance of balancing time between studying, sports, and leisure in a day
  3. Importance of questioning the theory and topics learned in class.
  4. Describe the most effective educational techniques used by professionals today.
  5. Ideas on increasing focus on studies during the student years.

So now you know the most effective way to write an illustration essay with balanced structure, examples, and personal opinion.

Frequently asked questions

How to write a creative essay like a pro?

Writing a decent creative essay requires focus and appropriate skill and talent on the part of the students. Writing a creative essay is a tedious and time-consuming job, however, it becomes easy if you know your plan and the way to move forward.

What is the structure of an argumentative essay?

A typical argumentative essay comprises three to four paragraphs that give clear evidence to support your thesis. The common structure to follow in an argumentative essay are:

  • Introduction (with a clear thesis statement)
  • Body paragraph (three to four paragraphs with a topic sentence and identifying each evidence).
  • Conclusion

What is an illustration essay?

An illustration essay, also known as an exemplification essay is a type of informative writing that proves or supports that certain things exist or certain things happen in a way. It needs to be supported with real-life examples and should not consist of any new discoveries or sensations. It is a rhetorical writing style that uses examples to support the thesis statement.

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