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Creative political science research topics to know

Creative political science research topics to know

Political science research topics can be highly complex and difficult to understand if the ideas are not organized throughout the assignment. To deal with such a situation, it is important to choose suitable political science research topics that meet the knowledge and interest of the researcher as well as meet the requirements. It should be remembered that such political science research topics are written by law students, philosophers, educators, and sociologists.

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Creative political science research topics to know
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5 Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Political Science Papers

Important points to consider when writing a paper on political science research topics:

  1. Always remember to include argumentative or opposition sentences before concluding the research paper.
  2. Reference the information stated with accurate and consistent academic sources.
  3. Make use of accurate statistics and data to support given information and statements.
  4. Investigate past works of literature on the given topic.
  5. Follow on paragraph rule to share one idea at a time.

Points to avoid when writing a research paper on political science research topics are:

  1. When writing on a sensitive topic, do not make use of a rude and insensitive tone.
  2. Unless the research topic demands personal suggestions or reflection, avoid addressing only one side of the topic or problem.
  3. Always try to be on the neutral side when discussing political science research topics because it helps identify both the benefits and issues related to the topic.
  4. Avoid using extensive quotes unless it has been asked to or is necessary according to the topic.

100 Unique Political Science Research Topics You Can Consider

Comparative Politics Related Political Science Research Topics

The comparative politics area of the research focuses on the empirical approach and comparative methods. Some of the practical topics in this study area include domestic politics, varied conflicts in domestic and international regions, and institutions analysis. In relation to the topic, the research needs to focus on the method used in political science problem analysis and not on study objects per se. Some of the common comparative political science research topics:

  1. Comparison of parties: a behavioral approach.
  2. Provide a comparative analysis of foreign policies of the United States and the United Kingdom.
  3. Provide a comparative analysis of presidential democracy with parliamentary democracy.
  4. State the cultural burden in the United States and Japan.
  5. American Government’s Anglo-Saxon behaviors
  6. State the ideology of the Soviet Union
  7. Apartheid phenomenon.
  8. Party hierarchy of Chinese Communists.
  9. Vietnam War important aggregation.
  10. Recruitment processes in developing countries.

International Relations Related Political Science Research Topics

As quoted by Hans Morgenthau, it can be considered that international politics is about differences in power between people in the international sphere. Scientists all over the globe are interested in finding the resolution of various kinds of issues seen across international regions that are filled with conflicts, negotiations, and controversies. There are various kinds of discussion topics seen in international politics such as human rights, global ethics, environmental challenges, global poverty, globalization, and security. Some of the common political science research topics on international relations are:

  1. Prevalent structure of International Monetary Fund
  2. Amnesty International Debates
  3. Human Rights Law of Uganda
  4. Causes of Global Poverty
  5. Cause and effect of conflict in Syria
  6. Power battles in Arctic Circle
  7. Non-state Actors in Corporations of Japan
  8. Ethical guidelines for NGO
  9. GM foods market distribution
  10. Analysis of global security networks

Political Science Research Topics on Philosophy

The philosophical branch of political science research topics usually deals with state legislation, government, justice, liberty, legal code, and democracy issued by the authorities. In addition, the political science research topics that deal with philosophical areas usually discuss how society is set up and the ethics or morals that are applied. Some common topic examples:

  1. View existentialism from the lens of western constitutional law
  2. Causes of American Revolution
  3. Theses of German Philosophy and Karl Schmidt
  4. Comparison between Civil Republicanism and Liberalism
  5. Risks associated with Neopatrimonialism Society
  6. Transition methods of Post-Socialist
  7. Justification for liberal democracy
  8. The approach of Mutual Tolerance according to Modern Political Virtue
  9. Republic Customs in Education
  10. Ethics in Election

Public Administration of Political Science Research Topics

This area of political science deals with daily functions initiated by government structures, agencies, and various public administrators that implement the functioning of laws, regulations, and policies. This science also deals with the subject of sociology. Some common research topics:

  1. Coordination in governmental efforts
  2. Revolution in the private sector of United States
  3. Methods of community development
  4. Environmental management includes
  5. Constitutional idea of John Rohr
  6. Analysis of Federal Emergency Management Agency
  7. Maximum advantages received from public safety
  8. Ethics in the nonprofit organizations
  9. Strategic planning in implementation of fiscal management
  10. Careers in transportation security administration

Political Science Research Topics Related to Public Law

Law is a subject that studies the relationship between different members both in the state and public sphere. The areas of public law cover various kinds of challenges related to topics such as administrative law, taxes, criminal legislation, and constitution. The area of public law should not be missed with private law that deals with topics such as families, private groups and businesses, and other personal issues. Public law considers the administrative area related to the public or citizens. For example, when there is an issue related to decisions, then the members or citizens of the society can ask the state authority for a review or reconsideration of the decision. Some of the common political science research topics related to public law are:

  1. Argumentation discussion of Judicial Review
  2. Human Rights Act of 1998
  3. Judicial Explanation of Public Safety Statutes
  4. Examining known legislators in the history of European law
  5. Common Morality versus Criminal Law
  6. Liberties of the civil and National Security Complaints
  7. Commercial exploitation of Privacy Law
  8. Consideration of gender bias in the battle for custody
  9. Socio-economic partialities in Police Cross-examination
  10. Justice inequality after conflict

Political Science Research Topics

In this area of research, the topics are related to politics. For example, scientists can examine the cause and effect of a political problem, examine the personality of a political leader, or reflect on a police officer’s behavior where they show bias towards African American people or someone who wears a hood. This area of political science research topics includes sensitive topics and uses a scientific approach when forming the research structure. Political science research topics should have sufficient information and can make use of various academic sources. Some of the common topics are:

  1. Differentiate in conflicts between political and armed areas.
  2. Is it easy to pardon criminals?
  3. Prosecution morals of top tier officials
  4. Comparison between Crimes at European and American Federal level
  5. Suggest important changes to be implemented in legislation processes
  6. Should one consider religion as an important factor to gain social power?
  7. Traces of Federalism in Unitary Governance Model
  8. Processes of elimination of corruption
  9. Social movements after wartime
  10. Global interdependence of modern leaders

Research Topics Related to Political Theorists

In a scientific field, the theorists consider when a dissertation should be completed by the student and study past works of literature on the topic. For example, many professors across the United States recommend using the legacy of political science theorists to make their research work easier. Students also have the option to choose comparative politics research questions to compare important political personalities. Some of the research topic options are:

  1. Examine the philosophy of Aristotle on governance
  2. Theory of John Austin
  3. Theses of Frederic Bastiat
  4. Classic theories of Edmund Burke
  5. Discussion of The Republic topic by Plato
  6. Challenges related to liberty and justice
  7. Key figures of Anarchism History
  8. Vladimir Lenin versus Communism Approach
  9. View of Jean Bodin on Sovereignty
  10. Disciplinary power of Foucault

Political Science Research Topics on Conflicts

Most of the American senior college professors suggest choosing topics related to social issues that range from economic issues and elections to the interest held by each nation in natural resources. There are many countries that are still in the middle of various conflicts and focus on the causes and effects of such conflicts. Some common examples of the topic are:

  1. Causes and uniqueness of civil war
  2. Examining the social protests and links movements
  3. Repression of the government of Syria
  4. Conflicts in Afghanistan
  5. Crisis related to Mexico immigrants
  6. Resolution methods used in conflicts in Yemen
  7. Discussion about political powers in action in Ukraine Divided
  8. Political agenda of Reagan
  9. Iraq War legacy
  10. Causes of Central African Republic Rebellion

Conflict Resolution Political Science Research Topics

This area of political science research topics deals with different kinds of resolution methods adopted for conflicting problems ranging from custody battles, international conflicts, and workplace gender bias. Most of the conflicts under discussion are related to social issues because it always aims to start with socio-cultural argumentation. Therefore, each of these conflicts needs to be analyzed by stating the background information, methods, structure, and a strong thesis statement. Interesting topics in this area are:

  1. Post-war conflicts among countries
  2. Conflicts among African-American prisoners
  3. The foreign policy of the United Kingdom
  4. Power Distribution of Arctica
  5. Leadership conflicts after 9/11 security leadership
  6. Oil conflict in Iran
  7. Collaboration Methods of Afghanistan
  8. Negotiation between right and left wig parties
  9. Personal Ambitions of Political Leaders
  10. Media Biases were seen in News Coverage

Mediation and Negotiation Related Political Science Research Topics

Negotiation means to find suitable conditions within a method, and mediation means to intervene in the process of a dispute with the vision to solve it. This process can be compared with arbitration with the inclusion of an impartial third party. Political science research topics related to conflicts and elections that are commonly highlighted by media are:

  1. Negotiation methods in wartime
  2. Legal disputes of transnational corporation
  3. Analysis and example of elections agenda
  4. Prisoners are seen in negotiation in foreign countries
  5. Social movements of an example nation
  6. Various kinds of conflict resolution methods
  7. Preparation process in implementing mediation hearing
  8. Case study analysis of mediation agreement
  9. Mediation policies differences with the civil law court
  10. Whistleblowers of America


What kind of political science research topics are considered the best?

Answer: Examples of good political science research topics can be related to comparative politics, behavioral approach, politics comparison, cultural pressure, etc.

What kind of political science research topics are considered the best?


  1. The war between Mexico and America
  2. Religion and crusades
  3. Causes and effect of thirty years war
  4. Types of weapons used in ancient civilizations


What are the ways to develop political science research questions?


  1. Analyze the research background
  2. Form empirical questions
  3. Use the extensive amount of information from different sources
  4. Avoid having a single correct answer

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