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Best New Year Resolutions Tips for Students Academic Success

Top 17 New Year’s Resolutions Tips for Students Academic Achievement

This article will help identify important new year resolutions for students to help you focus your attention on your education and career development. Now that Christmas is gone, and the holidays are still going on! Everyone is now looking forward to their plans for New Year’s Eve, but with that comes the age-old question of choosing a New Year’s resolution.

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Best New Year Resolutions Tips for Students Academic Success
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We know that identifying new year resolutions tips for students can be tedious, but at the same time, clichés exist for a reason. There’s no denying that with every passing year, people go through something, either good or bad. But as the wheel of life keeps on spinning, those who have had a spectacular year hope to make the next one even better, and those who had a slightly less than spectacular one, try to make amends and learn something from the passing year.

With that thought, we have compiled a list of ideas, which you may take inspiration from while selecting a new year’s resolution.

As a bonus tip, those of you who bite off a lot more than they can chew!, we have also put together a set of tips, which can help you in choosing the new year resolutions ideas for students and stick to it!

What are the top New Year resolutions for students?

1. Get that Scholarship: A common new year resolution for students involves getting scholarships that they hope to get, sometime in the near future. Whereas there are some who don’t even consider it, due to lack of awareness or anxiety. Be that as it may, in reality, every student must aim for getting a scholarship of his choice, in the field which they want. Scholarships give the students a positive and productive goal to aim for and help them improve. It is a great way to test the skills and select a student who will get the grant or the benefits of the scholarship.

2. Participate more in Class
Student participation in class is the most beautiful thing to a teacher or a professor. If that’s not enough of a reason, do it for yourself. It is widely acknowledged that participating in-class activities, raising doubts, and answering questions can have a lot of benefits on the studies of a student and their overall personality as well. It improves the retention and comprehension skills in an individual. Make a new year’s resolution to participate more in class.

3. Learn a new Skill
With the year coming to an end, everyone at some point looks back at their whole year and tries to point out what they learned from it. This new year’s resolutions for students can also involve picking up or developing new skills which can help you throughout your life and consequently will make a good highlight for the coming year in your life. This skill can be anything, from changing a spare tyre to cooking a pizza from scratch, any skill which can help you in the future.

4. Call your mom
A great man once said, “A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man”, Okay, that quote was from The Godfather, but that doesn’t hide the fact that is puts forward. University life can be quite daunting and demanding, and you be caught up all kinds of academic engagements, but at the same time, it is very important to get in touch with your family and most of all your mom. Make new year resolutions ideas for students to call your family in regular intervals throughout the semester and not just during the holidays. It will also help you, by making you feel better and not be homesick.

5. Get a part-time job or internship
Now that you’re in college, and starting to live on your own, money is always hard to come most of the time and you’re constantly finding yourself in debt or in need of funds. One solution is getting help from your parents but that defeats the whole living on your own extravaganza! The other option is that you get yourself a part-time job, to help your financials. Although it’s not just about financials, it is about developing the professional skills and the hands-on experiences for a job, which can help you a lot in your career.

6. Make time for yourself
When I say that this year has been quite hectic and tiring, most of the students will nod yes. That is because juggling between all the requirements on a university student such as: classes, assignments, exams, deadlines, and on top of that the extracurricular activities, the list seems like it’s never-ending. These activities and their related chores are so demanding that they require a lot of time and energy to manage everything. The stress from all of this takes a toll on your mind and the body. Make a pact this New Year’s to make some ‘me-time’ and take care of your body and mind and relax for some time during the day. This also gives you’re the proper energy and mindset to tackle all of your tasks, more efficiently.

7. Make new year resolutions for students highlighting your 5-year plan
This is a question that you must have come across a few times, either asked by a friend, a professor or an interviewer. ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’ although when asked this question by an interviewer or a professor, you may give them a diplomatic answer, this new year, you can use this opportunity, to answer this question for no body but yourself. Ask yourself, where you truly want to be in five years’ time, and when finding an answer, make an elaborate plan of you will get there! Make a new year’s resolution for getting to that goal or objective and work towards it, every single day.

8. Have a dream and go for it
No dream is too big! This is a saying that every student should believe and follow. Everyone has a dream that they want to full someday in the future. But for most people the size of the time they require to achieve that dream seems too big and in the process they get sidetracked. The problem with following your long-term goals is not sticking to the process; instead it is taking the first step in the journey. Make new year resolutions for students that pursue your dream with all 0your might and make it a reality. Do not think about the time it will take, as that is not in your power to control. Just keep doing your hard work and with small baby steps, you will someday be confident enough to take your giant leap as well.

9. Travel to a place you’ve never been before
This is one of the clichés, we talked about before. But there is no denying that traveling is something most of us have been putting off for quite some time now, because of shortage of time, money and energy. However, my point here is not to make you splurge on expensive overseas trips, instead, go to a place you have never been before and relax. This new year resolutions ideas for students, will give you time to detox and start the year with a fresh mindset.

10. Cut back on coffee
We know how dependent college students are on caffeine. Be it in the form of coffee or the different sodas available in the market. Being too dependent on coffee in order to do your daily tasks is not a healthy habit. You can make a new year’s resolution this coming year, to cut back on overconsumption of coffee and other sodas. This is not as easy as it sounds, because caffeine like any other drug is very addictive, and quitting it requires some serious commitment and willpower.

11. Reduce your social media and screen time
Ah! There it is! You knew this was coming. New year resolutions for students involving reduced use of social media. Social media has embedded itself in our lives like a termite eating a piece of wood! Yes, that’s exactly what social media has become, eating us from the inside without us even realizing it. The benefits of social media have gone far back, than its ill effects. In addition to making us feel miserable by seeing the happenings in other people’s lives, social media also hinders us from working towards our own goals. Continuously looking down towards to the screen also has a major ill effect on our eyes and overall health. It is time for you to reduce your screen time and adopt a healthier alternative. This also give you time to gather your thoughts and be a lot more productive throughout the day.

12. Get rid of a toxic habit and adopt a new productive one
Be it binge drinking, smoking, eating a lot of sugar-heavy snack or not getting enough sleep. Each one of us has some form of toxic habit which we know is wrong but cannot manage to do anything about. You can use this opportunity of the New Year’s resolution to finally rid yourself of that toxic trait and get into something is productive and can counteract the ill effects of the bad habit.

13. Collaborate with your teachers and have a better relationship with them.
This is something most people regret not doing during their college years. Everyone makes friends and goes out to parties with them during their university, but only a few get to build a lasting bond with their professors who play an important role in the overall development of a student. Make a pact with yourself to engage more with your professors and teacher, and ask them questions related to your academic interests. Professors are very experienced and can even give you the proper career guidance you need, which possibly change your life for the better.

14. Start saving up and reduce your expenses
This new year resolutions for students will go a long way in your whole life. Saving money and spending responsibly is a skill that only few people can master. You have to develop a strong heart and learn to say to no, in order to avoid spending too much. This will also teach you to prioritize your options and help you in choosing the best alternatives for yourself.

15. Live a healthy Lifestyle
There it is again! The cliché! Make new year resolutions ideas for students relating to your health. When I say living a healthy lifestyle, I don’t mean to imply spending a huge amount of money on getting expensive fruits and other condiments. A healthy lifestyle only has one component, which is doing what is best for your body. This new years adopt a lifestyle that incorporates some easy-to-handle changes in your routine, such as avoiding excessive sugar, reducing your coffee intake, increasing your physical activity and getting more hours of sleep, etc.

16. Be more organized
Being organized is a habit which is most required for a student, but only a few possess. Being organized means having a clear and pre-set routine to do your chore and handle your tasks. It involves prioritizing your work schedule and giving the most time to the things that require your most time and effort.

17. Read a book, maybe?
If the above New year’s resolution ideas for students seem too tough to handle to you and give you anxiety even before starting them. You can start off with something small, such as reading a book or anything productive that you can manage. Reading a book is a great productive exercise for the mind and allows us to relax and gather our thoughts. It is a form of meditation that can help you in so many ways. And all you require is a book, any book, of your interest, and about 30 mins of time in a day.

new year resolutions for students are not a thing unheard of, especially by the students and the youth all over the world. That is why even reading the word sends us into a state of denial. In order to tackle it, the best thing you can do is, not make a resolution at all. A resolution doesn’t necessarily have to start on New Year’s or even have to bring a massive change in your life. It can be anything that brings a positive change in your life and is doesn’t have to be a temporary task that you take on for a year but give up after a few weeks. Instead, start small and don’t worry about the progress, as hard work never fails you.

With this, we conclude our list of top 17 tips for a New Year’s resolution idea for students. You may choose one from the above list or pick something which is more suited to your specific lifestyle.

Now get thinking to determine the best new year resolutions for students for you!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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