70 Brand New History Dissertation Topics you should know 2022
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70 Brand New History Dissertation Topics you should know 2022

Here are the brand new history dissertation topics you should know

The academic discipline is adored and hated by the academic community and the students at the same time. The students who love the discipline of History are highly recommended to select it as their core academic program. Universities like Exeter, Durham, Cambridge, etc. are very well known for delivering world-class degree programs in History. However, the students would have to counter the task of writing the assignment papers on history dissertation topics to complete their degree program.

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70 Brand New History Dissertation Topics you should know 2022
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Students often find it very difficult and confusing to select appropriate history dissertation topics for their assignments. The student bears the burden of displaying his or her academic proficiency in the dissertation tasks, and the same effort would get sabotaged if the wrong topic is chosen for the assignment. The difficulty in choosing history dissertation topics often discourages the students from writing a successful assignment.

The dissertation is assigned by the tutor to ascertain whether the student has gained academic value by pursuing a particular course at the university. It acts as evidence that the student has completed an academic course from a particular university. The tutor tries to evaluate the student’s thought process regarding a particular topic and the individual ability in tracing, exploring, and analyzing relevant information. A historian must master these activities, hence drafting a quality paper on history dissertation topics would secure the history students’ professional future.

Guidelines to be followed in structuring the dissertations

The student should understand the particular sections to be included in a dissertation before jumping into the drafting process. The idea of approaching each section would help the student systematically organize the collected information within a dissertation. The guidelines provided in the below section of this article would help you in saving a significant amount of time since you won’t have to search for formatting rules elsewhere. Let us have a look at the major section to be included in a dissertation paper.

history dissertation topics


The background of the selected history dissertation topics should be discussed in this section, along with providing proper justification for selecting the theme. It is not recommended to use the first-person description in this section unless the marking rubric demands you to take a reflective approach. The discussion should be conducted using general terms. The major parameters to be included in the introduction section are the hypothesis/ thesis statement and research questions. This section should be drafted in a very engaging tone so that the interest of a much larger audience could be attracted.

Literature Review

The primary and secondary sources collected while researching the chosen history dissertation topics should be analyzed and overviewed in this literature review section. The literature review section is crucial in the history assignments, and the depth and quality of it would heavily depend on the selected history dissertation topics. Hence, it is recommended for the students to be very cautious and vigilant while drafting the dissertation’s literature review section. Students commit the major mistake while drafting this section is just providing a random summary of the collected sources. The discussion should provide a collective synthesis of the collected group of sources. The detailed comparison and contrast of them should be listed down by focusing on their particular similarities and differences.


In this section of the dissertation paper, the readers should be made aware of the method in which the related research and study were conducted. Drafting this section is often demanding, and it is recommended to see for professional academic aid while drafting it. The section will be considered a valid one only if the parameters of objectiveness, rationality, and authenticity are ensured in it.


The major observations you have made while conducting the research should be listed in this section of the dissertation. It should be taken care that the final result is not in contradiction with the mentioned hypotheses/ thesis statement.


A detailed discussion of the observed findings and their characteristics should be mentioned in this section. The student should be made aware of the implications of it in other similar contexts. The improvements that could have been made in the approach should also be discussed in this section.


The major inference that you have made by conducting the study should be described in the conclusion section. Much more quality could be infused in this section by mentioning the relevance and limitations of the research’s observation.


The section of the bibliography is very important in academic papers. It would avoid the risk of plagiarism in the submitted paper and give due credit to the referred sources and their authors.

History Dissertation Topics

History’s discipline is immensely vast, and it gets very difficult to select the appropriate dissertation topics. The same facts generate a dilemma among the minds of students that leads to panic. It requires serious dedication and efforts on behalf of the student to find the history dissertation topics that would instigate the audience’s personal interest. For a better selection experience, we have categorized the topics in several relevant sections. Our expert panel introduced these topics after conducting a detailed study that would be utilized in your academic tasks for better grades.

History dissertation topics on Nazi

The Nazi party has created an in-depth and long-lasting impact on world politics. The topic still holds relevance in the academic community.

  1. Was there a probability that the Nazi army would have survived the war?
  2. The tactics would have sustained Nazi Germany much longer.
  3. Why had the Nazi party ended up adopting violent politics?
  4. The advancements led to the destruction of Nazi Germany.
  5. Why had the majority population in Germany supported the Nazi party?
  6. What was the destructive impact of Nazi Germany on the whole world?
  7. Explain the outlook of the German population towards the death of Hitler.
  8. What were the letdowns and accomplishments of Nazi Germany in world war II?
  9. How was the way of living in post-Nazi Germany?
  10. What was the quality of life for the common population in Nazi Germany?
  11. Were the cruelties commenced by the Nazi party supported by the local citizens?

History dissertation topics related to significant personalities

  1. Explain the historical repercussions of the Slave Trade Act on the citizens of Great Britain.
  2. What significance has made by the education and domestic conditions on Hitler in developing the violent thought process?
  3. Who is considered to be one of the most influential presidents in American History?
  4. Enumerate the major goal visioned by the reformation leaders.
  5. What were the incidents that led to the occurrence of the battle of Waterloo?
  6. The factors that delayed the fall of the Berlin wall.
  7. The significant role played by Sebastian Michaelis in the French inquisition.
  8. Explain the gradual development of the American Revolution and the role of various prominent personalities.
  9. Explain the emergence of Stalin as a complete autocrat.
  10. How the political ideologies of Queen Victoria completely changed Great Britain.

Italian history dissertation topics

  1. Analyze both the constructive and damaging aspects of Mussolini’s rule in Italy.
  2. State the consequences of the partnership between Hitler and Mussolini on the economy and political outlook of Italy.
  3. How the political thoughts of Hitler influenced the advancements of Mussolini?
  4. Explain the development of fascist ideology under the government of Mussolini.
  5. What has led to the fall of Mussolini as a great leader?
  6. Which section of society was heavily affected by the policies of Mussolini?
  7. The political strategies implied by Mussolini dictate Italy.
  8. Is Mussolini the most influential leader in Italian History?

History dissertation topics on First World War

  1. The precautions that could have helped in avoiding the world war.
  2. The various reasons that had collectively led to the occurrence of world war 1.
  3. State the role of Germany’s defeat in the first world war in making it a very aggressive nation.
  4. State the role of the USSR in the occurrence of the first world war.
  5. State the background of Hitler in the Bavarian army during the period of the first world war.
  6. What was the menacing effect of world war 1 among the engaged countries?
  7. The powerful unions were generated during the period of world war 1.
  8. What were the major incidents that decided the final outcome of the first world war?
  9. The partiality did while imposing fines over Germany after the first world war.
  10. Explain the primary motivation and the hostile condition faced by the British soldiers in the first world war.

French history dissertation topics

  1. The legacy of Napoleon still permeates the modern political setup.
  2. Explain the emergence of Napoleon as one of the strongest leaders in France.
  3. Explain the most significant war in the political career of Napoleon.
  4. Explain the negative impacts of the leadership style, followed by Napoleon on world politics.
  5. The strategies that would have implied by Napoleon to win against the forces of the mighty of Russia.
  6. Napoleon implied the innovative military approach in winning the crucial battles.
  7. Did the Napoleonic era secure the affluent future of France?
  8. Explain the career of Napoleon as a military leader.
  9. Conduct a detailed comparison between Hitler and Napoleon’s leadership style by considering the parameters of repercussions, methodology, and motivations.
  10. The impact was created on the Russian campaign by the advancements of Napoleon.

History dissertation topics on the great depression –

  1. Explain the countries which had reaped profit from the great depression.
  2. Explain the devastation created by the great depression when compared to that of the great migration. Compare them by considering their consequences.
  3. Explain the constructive aspect of the great depression.
  4. The strategies that would have helped in emerging from the great depression much faster.
  5. Explain the significance of various financial deals in the occurrence of the great depression.
  6. The History of Black Tuesday.
  7. Explain the section of the society which gained profit from the great depression.
  8. Explain the negative impact on university students during the period of the great depression.
  9. Could another great depression happen in the future?
  10. The false bank insurance approaches have led the economy towards the great depression.

Second world war history dissertation topics

  1. Explain the political approach of the US in countering the Nazi political criminals.
  2. The political direction of the world if Hitler would have won the second world war.
  3. The inhumane medical experiments were done on prisoners by the German authorities.
  4. The major mistakes commenced by the Soviet Union during the period of the second world war.
  5. Explain the stance of the black community in the second world war.
  6. What strengths were retained by the Nazi army which secured most of the victories?
  7. The events have encouraged the American army to initiate the nuclear attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  8. Which country had suffered the maximum damage while the second world war?
  9. Major factors that had left to the victory of allied powers over Germany.
  10. Conduct a comparison between the damages suffered by both Germany and Japan in the second world war.

Need help with history dissertation topics?

Though we have provided a valid list of some innovative brand new history dissertation topics, it could not be ensured that the higher grades could be scored in the final academic evaluation. A higher score could only be obtained if the student has conducted an in-depth study and described them flawlessly in the dissertation’s final copy. In case the dissertation leads to failure in the academic course, the students bear high pressure while drafting it. In such instances, you could opt for academic help from online agencies. It would ensure you with high grades in academic evaluation even if the task is very much challenging.

history dissertation topics

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We hope that this article on history dissertation topics was quite helpful for you. Thank you.

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