100 Unique Politics Dissertation Topics: A Brief Guide 2022
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100 Unique Politics Dissertation Topics: A Brief Guide 2022

Politics Dissertation Topics A Complete Guide

The students are required to be regularly updated with the current international geopolitical advancements to draft a relevant politics dissertation paper. The scope of politics discipline is very wide and even keeping up with the local issues requires in-depth research and observation. Higher dependence of the discipline over practical knowledge coerces the political students to devise out their own subjective outlook regarding the selected topic. You cannot just jump into drafting a politics dissertation paper trivially, just like in the case of a generic essay.

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100 Unique Politics Dissertation Topics: A Brief Guide 2022
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Choosing appropriate politics dissertation topics is a very crucial phase in drafting academic assignments. Drafting an essay on appropriate politics dissertation topics would help the students in showcasing their academic proficiency in the subject. Effective display of quality and academic skills would consequentially reflect on the aggregate marks in the final academic evaluation. The selected politics dissertation topics should be able to generate a new point for debate and facilitate several critical discussions in the discipline. It is the topic of international relations that has the potential to score high marks in the political discipline.

We recommended our readers to select the politics dissertation topics that have relevance with the current geopolitical developments. Such topics have a minimal chance of being used in previous academic papers. Don’t try to exclusively focus on selecting controversial topics only, since there is a high chance that your research paper would get predisposed by referring to biased sources.

The selected politics dissertation topics should be from the field, which is enjoyable and interesting for the writer. Just selecting a boring politics dissertation for the sake of passing the final evaluation would be the worse attitude towards a politics dissertation paper. The students would have to strain and grind themselves throughout the research process if the selected politics dissertation topics are monotonous. There is no logic in repenting over the selected politics dissertation topics while the research is already on its half course. The immense scope of the political discipline itself demands the writers to contribute significant time in selecting appropriate political dissertation topics.

How to write a politics dissertation paper?

Politics dissertation topics

Politics dissertation paper Format

The basic format of Introduction- Body – Conclusion should be followed in the politics dissertation papers. The detailed format would be: –

  1. Title Page
  2. Acknowledgement
  3. Declaration
  4. Executive Summary
  5. Table of Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. Literature Review
  8. Methodology
  9. Findings and Analysis
  10. Conclusion and Recommendations
  11. References
  12. Appendices

How to select appropriate politics dissertation topics?

We have provided some focus points which should be followed by the students while selecting appropriate politics dissertation topics. It would guarantee that you have arrived at appropriate politics dissertation topics while going through a humungous list of it.

Politics dissertation topics

Choose political dissertation topics which you are well acquainted with

The academic tasks are often assigned with a specific deadline. It often gets inadequate for international students since they have to find a perfect balance between their academic schedule and professional career. The research will only be completed within the deadline if the student has prior knowledge regarding the selected politics dissertation topics.

Think about the preferences of the targeted audience

There is no point in presenting literature before the audience if they are not at all interested in the central theme. The audience of an academic dissertation paper is majorly composed of scholars and juniors from the same academic discipline. The academic audience always expects a high quality and impeccable content from the author. Select the politics dissertation topics that have the potential to generate interest among the academic community.

The selected topics should open the scope for new debates.

The academic paper should contribute new aspects to the respective discipline and thus, apart from generating interest among the audience, new points of the debate should also be presented before them. The debatable aspects would encourage the audience to stick through the whole academic paper.


Politics Dissertation Topics

Below are provided with a detailed list of innovative politics dissertation topics that are presented by our expert panel after conducting thorough research. Let us have a detailed look over it.

US foreign politics dissertation topics

  1. Major distinguishing factors of US foreign policies with respect to other developed countries
  2. The evident resemblance between the foreign policies of Britain and America. Provide a critical discussion over the topic.
  3. The economy of China has displayed significant and aggressive developments in recent decades. Is the pace of Chinese economic development in any way a threat to the international supremacy of America?
  4. The impact of various US foreign policies on East Asian countries.
  5. The threat faced by third world countries because of the aggressive approach of US foreign policies.
  6. The changed approach of the US government in the recent international scenario.
  7. The real controller of the changes in US foreign policies.
  8. The change in the approach of US foreign policy after the emergence of the Middle East as nuclear powers.
  9. Evaluate the statement that America’s foreign is somewhat bullying in nature towards the third world countries.

Post 9/11 international politics dissertation topics

  1. The changes to be made on the international political outlook in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.
  2. Could the 9/11 terrorist attack be considered as the most devastating event in recent decades?
  3. The series of historical events that have led to the terrorist attack of 9/11
  4. The gap between the international relationships of America with the Middle Eastern countries after the attack of 9/11
  5. Could the reason behind the attack of 9/11 be linked in any aspect with the world trade?
  6. What political lessons could be derived from the terrorist attack of 9/11?

Political party’s dissertation topics

  1. As per the current scenario, which political party has a significant probability of being collapsed in the near future. Evaluate by considering the current geopolitical advancements.
  2. The approach of which party nest suits for the development of Britain. Conduct a comprehensive comparison between the Conservative Party and the Labor Party.
  3. The reason behind the subjectivity of the British media towards a particular political party.
  4. Why the policies adopted by the conservative party have been more effective in Britain? Conduct a detailed analysis.
  5. Evaluate the acceptance of various political parties among the British population.

African political dissertation topics

  1. The measures that were adopted by the African countries to withstand the exploitation from western countries.
  2. The distinct factors of African international police that contradicts with the interest of western countries.
  3. Predict the stance of African countries towards the European countries in the near future.
  4. The role played by different customs and traditional beliefs in the occurrence of frequent local skirmishes.
  5. The role played by international bodies in solving the unrest among African countries.
  6. The existing impact of colonial abuse in the economy and political system of African countries.

Media politics dissertation topics

  1. Various regulations imposed by the political systems on the free working of media.
  2. The impact of media activities in changing the political system.
  3. Are the political system and media being combinedly exploiting the moral values of the public?
  4. The relation between free media and the existence of democracy.
  5. The ethical background of political parties raising funds from the public and the way media manipulate the public for it.
  6. Role of media in the spread of hateful ideas and an increase in crimes.
  7. Consider the effectiveness of the media as a career option. Could it be utilized for further political ventures?
  8. The role of media in propagating the political propaganda in influencing the youth.
  9. The way media generates political clarity on the national level.
  10. How political parties support various media companies to compete against each other?
  11. The way in which the media channels influence the process of election.
  12. How the media system in Indonesia affects its political system?
  13. The way social media is being utilized by the political system of the United States.

Chinese politics dissertation topics

  1. Grave human rights violations done under the political system of China.
  2. Evident differences between the political ideologies followed in China and Western countries.
  3. Has the communist party system in China has in any way influenced the political system in western countries?
  4. At the time of its inception, China has opted to be a closed economy. Describe the reason why it later has chosen to open its economy.
  5. The impact created on the western economies because of the aggressive economic expansions by China.
  6. The ideologies that have been adopted by the Chinese political system from the western countries.
  7. China is a threat to the existence of western ideologies. Evaluate this statement.

The political relationship between Afghanistan and Pakistan topics

  1. The educational programs created by Pakistan for the Youth of Afghanistan.
  2. The advancements made to avoid the illegal settlements of Afghanis in Pakistan.
  3. Analyze the Issue of Pakhtoonistan in Pakistan. Try to make a critical analysis of the political situation.
  4. The challenges in between the existing bilateral relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  5. The increasing violence in Pakistan because of the heavy immigration from Afghanistan.
  6. Contribution of Pakistan in Afghanistan’s war of independence against Soviet aggression.
  7. Moves to resolve the existing skirmishes and contention between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  8. The changes in bilateral relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan after the terrorist attack of 9/11 on America.
  9. Why the Pakistan government has decided to demolish the slums which are occupied by the immigrants from Afghanistan?
  10. Evolution of bilateral relations between Kabul and Islamabad after 1947.

Arabs vs Israeli politics dissertation topics.

  1. The approaches should be taken by the United Nations to solve the skirmishes between Israel and Arab countries.
  2. The events that had made the composition of Palestine country complex to the present condition.
  3. Steps to be taken by the Israeli government to ease its relations with its neighbors.
  4. How does the western media evaluate the strategic position of Israel in the Middle east?
  5. The steps were taken by the western countries to accord the strife between the middle east and the Israeli government.
  6. The change in foreign policies which are necessary on behalf of the Middle East nations to solve problems with Israel.

British politics dissertation topics

  1. The role of European background in the existing problems of Britain.
  2. Various components of British foreign policy and the ethical background behind its formation.
  3. The basic intention behind the formation of British foreign policy.
  4. Evaluate whether the foreign policy of Britain is successful till the date?
  5. The role that the implication of a Single European Entity has played in the success of British foreign policy.
  6. Compare the foreign policy of Britain with that of the foreign policy of other developed countries in Europe.
  7. The close resemblance of British foreign policy with that of the USA.
  8. The high reference to the foreign policy of the USA to draft the foreign policy of Britain.

Generic dissertation topics

  1. The major reason that countries like Afghanistan and Russia are always penalized for their deeds whereas countries like China always find a way out of such punishments.
  2. The influence is made by modern technology, informing the existing political sphere.
  3. How do western political ideas are being challenged by the new Chinese model of capitalism? Evaluate the statement that Democracy and Capitalism are the two aspects of the same coin.
  4. Describe how free media and democracy are coexistent.
  5. How the relations between the rebel forces of Ukraine were affected when Russia has seized Crimea from it?
  6. The new military approach to be adopted by Britain in the wake of Brexit. How would the diplomatic and economic power of Britain be affected after committing Brexit?
  7. Explore the reason why the USA has never elected a female president till.
  8. The role that the presidents play in the Parliamentary republics and Presidential republics.
  9. Are the national governments responsible for curbing the existence of lotteries and gambling?
  10. The need to imply international human rights by each national government.
  11. The approach should be taken by the governments to increase the attendance in Election day.
  12. The programs that could decrease immigration from third world countries to developed countries.
  13. Flaws in the existing foreign policies of the Australian government.
  14. The new technologies implied in the media companies and changes in election methodology because of it.
  15. The requirement of transparency in the activities of governments.
  16. Whether the national governments be allowed to interfere with the religious matter of the local population.
  17. Approaches to be adopted to install a corruption-free system in the country.
  18. The effectiveness of practical knowledge with respect to the theoretical knowledge in the field of politics.
  19. The need of shifting the political dimension towards addressing the rapid exploitation of environmental resources.
  20. The contribution of European history in the evolution of democracy into its current form.
  21. Ethical background of censoring the internet from behalf of the national government.
  22. The role of religion in the evolution of the political system in America to its current form.
  23. The changes brought by liberal arty in the current Australian political system.
  24. By taking into account the parliamentary system and presidential system conduct a comparison between the functions of executive bodies and legislative bodies.
  25. The approaches made by the government of Australia to reduce the level of unemployment.
  26. The recent change in the Australian political scenario.
  27. Conduct a detailed comparison between Unicameralism and Bicameralism by taking the cases of Bulgaria and the United Kingdom, respectively.
  28. Detailed comparison in the social reforms conducted by both Britain and the US, respectively.
  29. Pluralism vs Corporatism, conduct a comparison of the success rate of the related interest groups.
  30. The way in which the ideology of Neo-Fascism has influenced European philosophy in the late twentieth century.
  31. The difference in the approach made by the modern government in the case of implying coercion and collaboration.
  32. Different types of dictatorship existing in the modern world. Analyze by taking into account the examples of Kim Jong Un in North Korea and Gaddafi in Libya.
  33. The way in which the practice of diplomatic immunity affects the bilateral relations between the two countries.
  34. How has the political system in Italy has transformed into moderate pluralism from Polarized pluralism?
  35. Various methods in which the polls are calculated in elections all over the world.
  36. The role of modern environment conventions on the current geopolitical conventions.
  37. Evaluate the level to which the political system in America is democratic.
  38. The reason for low representation from the women community in the global politics platform.
  39. The efficiency of sports-related strategies in making political decisions.
  40. Analyze the strategies made by George W. Bush in winning his first election.
  41. The process of legislation followed in the European Union.
  42. Describe down the evolution of the Republican party in the USA.
  43. Describe down the evolution of the Democratic party in the USA.

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Politics dissertation topics

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