150 Most Inspiring Ideas For Argumentative Essay & Structure

Inspiring Ideas For Argumentative Essay Topics

Some relevant argumentative essay topics

The students are asked to mark or express their points of view in their academic careers through an essay method. Although it brings a lot of conflicts when these pieces of literature are subjected to criticism. It is the point where opposing arguments raise from the people who oppose portrayed ideas. Here is when argumentative essays become very relevant. In this sort of essay, the writer tries to select a particular topic and later defends it by providing his viewpoints and pieces of evidence. The writer has to take a very strict and biased stance toward the selected topic. By the channel of the argumentative essay, the writer tries to change the reader’s beliefs and further tries to persuade them to follow his ideology regarding the topic. Although the students come up with writer’s block on selecting a topic to draft an effective argumentative essay. Hence it turns out to be a very tough and significant stage for the students to select a very catchy topic for the essay. Some students get stuck u with the process of selecting the topic, which consumes the lion’s share of time, making it very difficult to complete the assignment within the deadline. This time could be saved by referring to a single source that provides a potential and relevant list of argumentative essay topics. We have been approached by many of our clients and students asking for such a list, and here we have tried to list down the relevant argumentative essay topics. You have to pick one of the argumentative essay topics in which you would feel confident and interested. We have provided below a list that consists of the topics which are relevant to the current happening in the global market.

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150 Most Inspiring Ideas For Argumentative Essay & Structure
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The best approach to selecting an appropriate topic from the list of Argumentative essay topics

You could observe that if you searched for argumentative essay topics on the internet, a plethora of them would be flooded. It is the selection of the appropriate topic which is considered to be a headache by the students since it demands a large amount of effort. This is because of a query of the factor that makes the argumentative essay a perfect one would revolve in the mind of the writer. The writer could select a convenient topic everyone agrees on, but it will not make any difference or impact in the reader’s mind. The writer has to avoid this situation and select one of the argumentative essay topics that would coerce to think about and try to explore the area the reader has never tried to explore. The readers don’t need to agree with your arguments since everyone has his own ideologies and opinions. It would be sufficient that the article has somehow made the reader think about the unconventional manner he used to think about a topic. These features have the potential to bring an impeccable nature to the argumentative essay, and hence this stage bears great significance in its success.

Captivating Argumentative Essay Topics

The students are being asked to provide an argumentative essay so that the thought process and critical thinking process of the student can be measured. It is observed why the student has adopted a certain way to justify the given topic, and his knowledge range is tested in this regard. The student has to display the ability to question and critique a certain issue and put forward an illustrative justification that should shut the scope of possible criticism. The writing of an argumentative essay is so much challenging and conversant that the experience turns out to be a waste of time or loss for the writer. Thus, a very elaborate list of argumentative essay topics is provided in the below section of this report. Go through this list of essays and try to save a lot of time that could have been wasted in searching for argumentative essay topics.

      1. Is it justifiable that men are provided paternity leaves?
      2. Do you settle with the fact that the internet is overpacked with advertisements and is heavily commercialized?
      3. Is the smoking ban in food restaurants detrimental to the business?
      4. Should the government impose additional cess to improve the health infrastructures for the public?
      5. Is our youth being affected by extremely violent video games?
      6. Should the menu card in the hotels point out calories and nutritional items in every item?
      7. Should couples follow an age gap between them as per the stipulation laid down by societal norms?
      8. Show your ideas on whether the government should introduce any schemes to preserve the old buildings.
      9. Do the countries need to find new oil wells to reduce the overall price of crude oil in the global market?
      10. Is providing employees with performance bonuses and financial rewards is only the way to earn their loyalty?
      11. Does it open the gateway to other types of drugs?
      12. Is using the method degree in the investigation justifiable?
      13. Perils of dating online.
      14. Could the use of electric cars reduce pollution?
      15. Is it ethical that celebrities try to engage in politics?
      16. Do you support the notion that Surrogacy should be made legal?
      17. Should governments bring down misleading content in the internet platform and punish the source?
      18. Does music affect the psychological thinking of a person?
      19. Is it necessary for parental control to be installed on every connection minors use?
      20. How much reality is there in the notion that ladies only like romantic movies?
      21. Should paper use be banned because of the new advents in substitute technologies?
      22. Does peer pressure bring any benefit to the individual?
      23. Clarify what aspect of life makes a greater impact on the natural life or perception of the person. Whether it is past or present?
      24. Should people believe in God?
      25. Should academic life be pursued along with doing part-time jobs?
      26. Has the case of Brown vs Board of education brought any effect on the disparity prevailing in the field of education?
      27. Should the process of analyzing student skills only be conducted by the measure of academic grades?
      28. What potential benefits and drawbacks should be there in introducing technology in classrooms?
      29. Is the reach of video games only limited to the male population?
      30. Do people develop a greater affinity towards watching binge rather than spending time for tv series in the coming future?
      31. Should the person be restored with the right to vote after he gets out of jail after serving his sentence?
      32. Would the parents’ financial status affect the range of education the child could pursue?
      33. Investigate the authenticity of the argument of women getting fewer wages than their male counterparts in the same job.
      34. Does the overprotective attitude of the parents make any impact on the personality of the child?
      35. Explore both the negative and positive aspects of the process of homeschooling.
      36. Examine the argument for banning all children’s talent shows.
      37. Had humans evolved into dumber counterparts after we relied on technologies heavily?
      38. Should children be put away from the disclosure of advertisements?
      39. Should it be mandatory that individuals disclose their real identity before posting in the comment section of the social media platform?
      40. Keeping in mind the excessive fuel consumption, justify whether the use of biofuels should be encouraged in the field of racing.
      41. Check whether the CEOs of the company are paid more than required.
      42. Do the cameras used for law enforcement, like CCTV, threaten personal privacy?
      43. Elucidate whether there is any benefit in pursuing the course in a single-sex school.
      44. Potential of boredom in changing human psychology.
      45. Does the homework in the academic career turn out to serve the complete opposite of the task it was designed to do?
      46. Should legal immigrants to the country be provided with more rights?
      47. Should females below a certain age be restricted from buying birth control?
      48. Is it ok that children are forced to go to school and colleges and evaluate the psychological impact behind it?
      49. Does delivering hate speech on social platforms come under the protection of freedom of speech?
      50. Are employees allowed to flaunt their tattoos in the working environment?
      51. A brief note on the ideal age for providing children with sex education.
      52. Are our young generation being isolated by social media?
      53. Have the internet and social media hyped the expectations from a relationship to an unrealistic level?
      54. What should be an ethical and safe limit for violence in tv shows?
      55. What are the ethical parameters and channels in which alcohol could be promoted?
      56. Should maternity leave be allotted to the parents who adopt a child?
      57. After effects forcing students to take part in curriculum activities
      58. Elaborate on the pros and cons of Euthanasia.
      59. Should the child be awarded for scoring high marks in the academic exams?
      60. What would be the ideal age for a child to use a mobile phone?
      61. Is ghost hunting just a hoax?
      62. Are the governments over-regulating societies all over the world?
      63. The actual impact of the sexual content displayed in TV shows on children comes under the category of teenage.
      64. Is there any difference in the thought process of a child with both parents and one with a single parent?
      65. Are men more endorsed into criminal activities than females?
      66. Are there any gender discriminations in religions all over the world?
      67. Does the act of cheerleading add any significant value to the sport?
      68. Are modern gadgets turning as gradually into technological zombies?
      69. Comment on the notion of legalizing gay marriages all over the world.
      70. Comment on the possibility of controlling the human mind via a chip shortly.
      71. Is providing federal support to parents with a single child ethical?
      72. What are the effects of broadcasting the court proceedings on television?
      73. Is it true that a distant relationship doesn’t work?
      74. Should the parenting chores be distributed impartially, irrespective of gender?
      75. Would the invention of new and modern robots make us lazier and dumber?
      76. Is captivating the animals in the zoo for display for the public is ethical?
      77. Should hunting be banned?
      78. Increasing egocentrism in societies because of individual arrogance.
      79. Need for college to shift from the traditional education system.
      80. Impact on the world if there had not been any religion.
      81. The efficiency of the present grading system in making the student perform better.
      82. The scope of considering plagiarism as a legally offensive deed.
      83. The actual impact of graduate degrees for success in life.
      84. Evaluate whether suicide is an act of cowardice or bravery.
      85. Are the programs on space exploration are just a waste of money?
      86. Is earth the only planet supporting life in-universe?
      87. Impact of making the sports activity mandatory for the students.
      88. Could a person lead a healthy way by eating only vegetarian food?
      89. Do some jobs are superior to others?
      90. Does bringing fast food under heavy taxation an ethical and just move?
      91. Are people having tattoos more intimidating and attractive than normal people?
      92. Could the tattoo be considered a negative while committing to recruitment?
      93. Was NASA Moon Landing a real incident?
      94. Is there any link between religion and science?
      95. Should rap music be subjected to censorship?
      96. Does a tattoo in any way display the personality of a person?
      97. Are people with tattoos considered to be very attractive?
      98. Should governments ban smoking zones?
      99. Whether all the problems be solved using artificial intelligence?
      100. People’s desire never gets satisfied.
      101. Importance of installing the psychological approach in schools.
      102. Influence of rap music on children’s sexual behavior.
      103. Although fast food consumption is very unhealthy, they would reduce the consumption of time. Would you agree or not?
      104. Does child obesity come under the category of societal stigma?
      105. Does the introduction of fast food chains had destroyed the small-scale food industries?
      106. Is chivalry getting scarce in society?
      107. Should religious thoughts be considered while donating a body organ?
      108. Has the commercialization of maternity services just made children a commodity?
      109. Are the occurrences of domestic violence directly proportional to depression?
      110. Is domestic violence present among the gay and lesbian committee?
      111. Is it alright to spend the family holiday at a sports event?
      112. Do novels need to be censored?
      113. Does the color spectrum impact the mental health of a person?
      114. Discuss the common notion that all artists are insane.
      115. Is there insignificance in providing animals or pets with mental therapy?
      116. Does the instance of obesity among children occur due to the ignorance of parents?
      117. Does the world still face the issue of communalism?
      118. Do substitutes for sugar products help in augmenting the health of an individual?
      119. Does the homework need to be removed from the academic practices?
      120. Is the pay scheme for athletes unnecessarily huge?
      121. Are pets allowed to hurt civilians if they are being attacked?
      122. Is reading from the hard copy is far better than reading from the soft copy?
      123. Is it a mother’s duty to take care of her children by staying at home until they reach a certain age?
      124. Could the narcissistic nature of a mother produce a negative impact on the children’s minds?
      125. Does a perfect relationship exist?
      126. Are hard copies more convenient for studying rather than soft copies for students?
      127. Are nuclear families more convenient in making a peaceful world?
      128. Are visual tools like video games effective in teaching academic courses?
      129. Do aged people turn out to be better parents?
      130. Had social media been a detrimental factor for families?
      131. Do humans need to discover a way to stop aging?
      132. Are parents allowed to change and manipulate the genetics of their children?
      133. Do we require to get older without getting infected by any disease?
      134. According to the present living standards, the life expectancy of humans has increased. So, is it alright to increase the retirement age?
      135. Could a person maintain both quality and quantity in his life? In other perspectives, clarify whether it is important to live longer or live happier.
      136. Is it necessary to put punctuation in text messages?
      137. Clarify your opinion on the notion of including a dislike button on Facebook.
      138. Discuss the necessity of the college football player to be given a salary.
      139. Discuss the effects of disclosing identification details on Facebook.
      140. Do you agree that Snapchat has brought an overturn in the social media platform?
      141. Are sports important in an academic institution?
      142. Is it possible that technology would become a hindrance to the student?
      143. Did the sports of baseball lose its popularity?
      144. Do the expectations of the children changes according to their gender?
      145. The self-driving cars would create a genuine solution for the traffic on roads. Do you agree?
      146. What are your opinions on introducing cheerleading as a sport in the Olympics?
      147. Is it important to have a separate sports section for the LGBT community?
      148. Is it right that the population wants to see rich people on television?
      149. Is it alright to live together before marriage?
      150. Should the government take a stricter stance in scrutinizing the coach of the athletes?
      151. Do athletes feel pressure because of the heavy expectations from their fans?

Although we have provided a plethora of topics above in this article for argumentative essay topics, it is quite evident that you would be hung up in a dilemma on what topic to select. The main problem is that the writer may find one topic very interesting at the beginning but may get bored after researching it for a while. You must select a topic you are very comfortable with and can write without any blocks.

Hence it could be understood from the content provided above that the argumentative essay topic selection should be done at your convenience, and the parameter changes respectively for each individual. This process of selection has the potential to change a mundane essay to a very indulging argumentative essay. Apart from this selecting an interesting argumentative essay topic would make the writer more indulgent and encourage him to explore some of the areas to be researched. It is very hard to find relation and indulgence with a random argumentative essay topic; hence, the student should choose it very diligently. In the argumentative type of essay, the reader needs to push the reader to a limit by impressing him or making him strongly disagree. This would only happen if the student felt connected to the selected argumentative essay topic.

It may become quite possible that you won’t get satisfied with the list of argumentative essay topics provided above. In that case, you may connect to our well-versed experts for a better and updated list of argumentative essay topics. Although you can also follow the way to prepare an argumentative essay by following the tip provided by our experts in the below section of this argumentative essay topic.

Researching State

It is quite a known fact that after selecting an appropriate topic, the student may have to conduct very thorough research and even hit the library. Since this is a very tough and laborious task, students may end up wasting a lot of time. Even after wasting a substantial amount of time, there would prevail a strong probability that the writer would not be able to find any relevant data regarding the selected topic. The most prevalent problem reported by our clients is that even after thorough research, the developed content may not appear to be catchy. Thus, an individual would require proper guidelines to draft and arrange a better essay topic using the data collected by the extensive process of research.

      • Refer to several channels of information: To find the information which covers the various aspects of the selected topic, the student has to visit the library. Although it should be noted that the search for data should not be limited to the library, other databases on the online platform should also be referred to. Online websites like YouTube consist of very pedantic videos, and you could cite a relevant video in your essay. The eminent essay writers, though, prefer to include published research papers to maintain the authenticity of their papers.
      • Identifying the relevant points and recording them in your notes: It is common practice among students to bookmark the specific sections in the article so they can later find them conveniently. However, this action’s major mistake and the disparity is that these points of reference lack relevance. Hence the students are strongly recommended to take notes while researching the content, which would help in tracking down inconsistencies in the content.


Structuring the essay

The below section provides how the argumentative essays should be effectively structured: –

In the argumentative form essay, the normal introduction, Body, and conclusion format are to be followed. It should be kept in mind that the introduction and the conclusion of the essay should be 10%, respectively, of the total word count of the essay. Let’s see how the first paragraph of the introduction of an argumentative essay should be drafted.

First Paragraph

A very terse and relevant summary of the essay should be provided in this paragraph so that the reader should be informed of the major issue discussed and the tone of the argumentative essay topics. The writer in this section should justify the major reason and motive behind drafting such an essay. The major opinion of the writer should also be recorded here so that the reader should be well acquainted with the actual ambiance and mood of the presented essay.

Body Paragraph

This is the major section of the argumentative essay that would decide the essay’s original quality. Hence the writer should be very diligent while drafting this section. The contents should be relevant; thus, all the arguments would be made carefully and supported by referring to genuine and quality references.

      1. As mentioned above in this article, the body part of the argumentative essay should clarify the major arguments and justifications and should support them using some quality references so that it seems convincing to the reader.
      2. It should be taken special care that the pieces of evidence used in the essay should be very logical and relevant and must have originated from an authentic source.
      3. The writer should reckon that opposing arguments about the relative subject should also be pointed out and defied using appropriate evidence to convince the reader.

Last Paragraph

The concluding part of the essay leaves a final and significant conclusion for the reader about the essay. Thus the writer should take special care in making the concluding paragraph very impactful, and thus a very tactical and authentic approach should be taken while drafting this section. To sustain the tone of authenticity, the writer should justify how he has defended his arguments. How the writer has used the evidence to justify his arguments should be mentioned adequately so that the reader can understand the writer’s effort. The introduction of any sort of new ideology or theory in this section should not be done in this section since this is a concluding section. The major reason for this is that the conclusion is meant to summarise all the essay’s content, arguments, recommendations, and observations. It is the concluding part that makes a long-lasting impact on the reader.

Writing Stage

This is the section that is most feared by many of the students since the work in this area would be displayed directly to the reader. Although the student may collect enough content or knowledge for the essay, they don’t need to have the writing skill to communicate the intended ideas. This task even gets worse in the argumentative essay since the writer has to convince and change the reader’s perception or at least make him think about the contrary possibilities. To reduce the ambiguity and dilemma about this stage, please refer to the guidelines in the below section pointed out by our experts.

      1. Use of very fluent and freestyle writing: The students often overlook and neglect the correct usage of the language and writing skills. It is observed that the students make a very daring attempt of just drafting the essay in the first attempt itself. Although it should be noted that the writer may not end up with a perfect copy on the first attempt itself. Hence the writer should write the draft of the essay multiple times to get into the best and most natural flow of the context. Even professional novelists and writers are not able to write presentable content in the first writing itself. If said, the writer needs to revise his prepared content so that any irregularities and lack of continuity can be traced for the betterment and catchiness of the content. Hence the students are strongly recommended to prepare multiple copies of their argumentative essay on the selected topic. The first copy should be rough in every manner i.e. the student is not required to stress any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and presentation mode in the first copy of the essay. Only the focus is given in recording the context and point; in the coming stages, better copies are created by revising it multiple times. The process of revision continues until the copies become very good.
      2. Keep in focus the structure of the essay: The structure of the argumentative essay should be followed very meticulously to make it more authentic and attractive to the reader. It is the trait of a professional writer that he never goes beyond the structure of the essay, on whatever scale he wants to take an innovative approach. It also would help the writer arrange his data system so that the lucid flow of information could be maintained. Thus, the unwanted gaps in the context could be eliminated by using the appropriate format.
      3. Avoid proofreading in between drafting the essay: Since the students possess very little confidence in the content written by themselves, they often tend to proofread or edit it while writing it. This would affect the effective recording process of the data, and hence the commencement of proofreading while writing is a very bad idea. It is been opined by professional writers all over the world that editing the content simultaneously while drafting is the worst idea ever possible. This is because the focus of the person would be dedicated to recording the information, and hence editing the content would diverge his focus to another direction and sabotage both of the processes. Hence all of the extra efforts would go in vain, and the writer may even have to start his essay from scratch. Hence, we strongly recommend you focus on writing for a single dedicated period. You could edit or proofread the written content later.

Revising stage:

It is noticed that the students often ignore this stage since they consider this stage to be very unusual and declare their work to be the final piece to be submitted without revising it. Please don’t ignore the revision stage since you may miss some massive blunders, which would reflect on your marks. Multiple stages of revision should be conducted so that the occurrence of any error can be minimalized to the lowest point.

    1. The proofreading should only be done after the overall editing process: As mentioned earlier in this article, the editing process should not be done along with the proofreading process since it would eventually pave the way for more complexities and errors in the final copy of the essay. By following this stage, you could guarantee very high marks in the evaluation since there would be very fewer flaws and errors in the content. Allocating the time for a single process would help to streamline the effort and focus on a single process that would increase the effectiveness and quality of the process. Hence the occurrence and prevalence of any mistakes could be minimalized by following this process.
    2. Rest the content: The writer should take a short interval between drafting and revising the work to generate an open and unbiased approach to his article. The writer would be in the same state of mind immediately after completing the article. Hence, the interval is very important so that he can understand the contextual disparities in the argumentative essay. The more a person waits to revise the drafted article, the more he will be able to find its mistakes. If you find it very hard to proofread or you do not have much time left to edit, you could also opt for the service provided by our proofreaders.
    3. Avoid the use of automatic tools: A plethora of online tools and software available claims to efficiently proofread or paraphrase the content. Relying blindly on them would be an act of utter blunder. Hence it would be essential to proofread and edit the whole essay manually since human intelligence must require one ineffective practice at this stage. The errors could be detected very easily if it is read very loudly. You could also use innovative ways like reading it backward. Making various approaches towards the essay would reveal the hidden discrepancies so that essential changes and improvements could be made in the article.

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